“An Enemy Of Envy”

I've been absent from writing for a long, long while and it is due to the amazing amount of things I fill my life with.  Functioning anxiety.  At least I'm productive? Anyway, I've been struggling with my own bouts of jealousy in my art and found this wonderful post about envy via Musing About Mud, it's … Continue reading “An Enemy Of Envy”


Decoding Delamination

...The result [was] slipping mostly, but not quite, bone dry pots.  Each time I made this inevitable mistake I would watch as a ring of bubbles would bloom around my pot, mortification building in my eyes...

The Story of Pete Pinnell

As the Community Arts Apprentice at the Clay Art Center I've had a lot of opportunities for education and advancement in my teaching skills.  One of those recent opportunities was being the technical assistant for Pete Pinnell's two-day workshop focusing on making and altering teapots. At the end of this weekend I felt (and still … Continue reading The Story of Pete Pinnell