“An Enemy Of Envy”

I’ve been absent from writing for a long, long while and it is due to the amazing amount of things I fill my life with.  Functioning anxiety.  At least I’m productive?

Anyway, I’ve been struggling with my own bouts of jealousy in my art and found this wonderful post about envy via Musing About Mud, it’s by Austin Kleon (you know, that guy who wrote Steal Like An Artist) and it was the read I needed.  Don’t ignore jealousy when it rears its head or else it will eat you from the inside out.  Instead examine that envy, pull it out and look at it from all angles to see what it says about what YOU truly desire.  Then turn it around and use it as fuel for your art.  As someone once said to me, the best revenge is living well.

Read Austin’s article here


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